Do You Have A Teenage Driver And Are Worried? If so, You must get this App.

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Life360, the world’s leading family location app, Life360 Driver Protect, a new subscription service that uses your

smartphone to automatically detect if you are in a serious accident and immediately contacts emergency responders and your family members. The service also delivers Safe Drive Reviews to subscribers, providing them with actionable safety insights about their driving habits.
Comprehensive driver safety services used to only be available via in-vehicle hardware diagnostic systems. Now, through a partnership with Zendrive, the leading safety analytics company, Life360 is democratizing access to driver safety features through the company’s proprietary mobile technology. Life360 Driver Protect covers every member of the Family Circle in a single subscription, and the features travel with everyone on their smartphones, providing peace of mind to families when their loved ones are on the road.
Among the services included with a Life360 Driver Protect subscription:
• Automatic Crash Detection and Emergency Response: Using proprietary technology and sensors on the   smartphone, Life360 Driver Protect can automatically detect when a family member is involved in a serious accident. Life360’s trained advisors will immediately contact emergency responders and provide the accident location coordinates while staying on the phone until help arrives. Life360 advisors will also contact members of the Family Circle to share that their loved one has been in an accident and provide the accident location.
• Safe Drive Review: Family members can opt to receive safety insights about each drive taken by a loved one in their Family Circle, whether that person is the driver or a passenger. Insights include trip information on a map that shows duration and route, reporting on top speed, and instances of rapid acceleration, hard braking and cell phone usage.
• Extended Roadside Assistance: Help is just a tap away. Drivers can contact Life360 24 hours a day, seven days a week for roadside assistance if they get a at tire, require a tow, or need advice when in a minor accident or stuck in a severe storm.
• Unlimited Place Alerts: Subscribers can set up unlimited Place alerts to get notified automatically when loved ones arrive or depart locations like school, work and home.
• 30 Days of Location History: thirty days of location history for everyone in the Family Circle is available to easily look back in time at the family’s comings and goings.
The Life360 Driver Protect subscription is currently available in the U.S. and covers all members of the Family Circle for $7.99 per month or $69.99 per year. This is less than half the price of existing, comprehensive driving safety services. Life360 has also added to its suite of free features the option to view trip details after each drive. When “drive detection” is turned on within the app, family members can view the duration, route, miles traveled and top speed reached for every drive completed during the past two days. A trip detail push notification can also be sent when each drive is completed. Life360 expects both its detailed subscription-based Safe Drive Reviews and also its freemium version of trip details to be especially helpful for parents of teens. According to a recent survey conducted by Life360 among its users, 82% of parents with teenagers worry about their teen’s safety when driving without a parent. e same survey found that 94% of parents of teens say they regularly talk about driving safety with their teen.* Life360’s new Safe Drive Reviews will help families have more focused conversations to review specific driving habits they can improve.”
Life360 has always been focused on delivering peace of mind to families with technology that can save lives, so the addition of driving safety features is a natural expansion of our app’s capabilities,” said Alex Haro, co-founder and president of Life360. “Millions of families already use our app to communicate and look out for each other. We know families will appreciate using our newest features to help each other be safer drivers while gaining peace of mind that loved ones are safe while on the road.”
To power crash detection and driving analysis, Life360 partnered with Zendrive, which leverages the power and ubiquity of mobile for its technology to provide actionable insights and analytics at scale. To date, Zendrive has collected and analyzed 1 billion miles of driving data giving it unrivaled visibility into driver behavior and modern transportation patterns. rough the partnership with Life360, Zendrive’s data will grow exponentially by billions of miles a month giving them unmatched data set and insights.
Life360’s proprietary location-based technology has enabled families to privately share their locations and communicate with ease within the app since 2008. Families can see loved ones’ locations on a map and can opt to receive automatic alerts when they arrive or depart designated places, like school, work or sports practice. Now, with the addition of driving safety features, Life360 also provides peace of mind that loved ones are traveling safely to each destination throughout the day.