Teen Privacy- Balance Is The Key

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By Stefanie Maglio

Teenagers will almost always fight for free- dom in the form of privacy from their siblings and parents. This is where parents may struggle to find the right balance of privacy they allow their teen to have. Many factors can come into play while navigating through this situation. For example, a parent knows their kid best. Do they have a history of making good choices and obeying rules? Or have your children demonstrated a history of untrustworthiness?

Trust is a majorly important quality to have in a parent-teenager relationship. The more trust the parent has in the child, the more privacy that is likely to be given. When kids are in their younger teen years, it is okay to be a bit more strict with rules such as monitoring social media and what programs they’re watching. However, if the child shows responsibility and capability of handling more privacy, it is okay for the parent to be a bit more lenient and let go even more so. It’s truly about finding the perfect balance.

A parent shouldn’t let go of the reigns too soon, as their child may make dangerous decisions that could threaten their health or future. However, it is also not good for the parent to let go too late, such as being too intrusive without reason. This can dis- empower the child. Most importantly, there should always be an open, caring, and safe dialogue between the child and parent. Honesty is key. It is all about give and take. The teen will earn more privacy as they prove they are responsible and trustworthy. Once they prove to do otherwise, some privacy may be revoked. Remember that it’s all about doing what is best for your individ- ual teenager, as they are all unique and different.