Tea Benefits

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By Lauren Kolacki

Today’s generation is always looking for healthy habits to add to their routines. Studies have found that tea could be one of the most helpful additions
that require minimal effort. Tea has a wide range of benefits depending on the type. Below is a list of teas and the various health benefits that are asso- ciated with them.
Green- treat bloating, allergies, acne and promotes weight lost
Chamomile- beneficial for sleep, headaches, anxiety and bloating
Peppermint- remedy for bloating, nausea, managing food cravings, PMS and bad breath Hibiscus- best for high blood pressure and respiratory diseases
Oolong- promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism
Chai- enhances immune system, fights inflammation and cold
Matcha- burn belly fat, immunity booster, detoxifier
Black- treat anxiety, weight loss, headache
White- beneficial for stress, weight loss, detoxification
Ginger- reduce bloating, nasal congestion, aiding digestive discomfort and sore throat. Cinnamon- helps to regulate blood glucose levels as well as, aromatic and flavorsome Dandelion- works as a powerful diuretic and liver cleanse
Rooibois- high in antioxidants, offering a daily immune boost.