Student of the Month

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By, Pam Teel

This month we recognize ten year old Laasini Kavuri who goes to the Apple- garth Elementary School in Monroe. Laasini is in the fifth grade.
What Laasini loves about her homeroom teacher, her science teacher, and her math teacher, is that they never teach straight from the textbook. They always have fun activities planned out. She also loves to interact with her friends during school. Her friends are really nice and she looks forward to seeing them every day.
Her favorite subjects in school are math and science. Her grades are usually between 90%-100%. She works hard to keep up her high grades.
Her favorite books she likes to read are the series Divergent. She also enjoys Percy Jackson.
Her favorite TV shows are Once Upon a Time and Total Drama. Her favorite songs are Falling by Why Don’t We, I Wish You Were Here by HRVY, and Don’t Leave Me Alone by Anne Marie. Although she likes these songs, her favorite band is Why Don’t We.
Laasini has a few hobbies such as dancing and solving a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. She also enjoys singing.
Her Favorite places to visit are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. Two places she really wants to travel to are France and the United Kingdom.
There are five people In Laasini’s family. Laasi- ni, her mom, dad, older sister, and her young- er brother. She does have grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins that she loves to visit.
Her favorite holiday is Halloween because she and her siblings get lots of candy and get to dress up.
Her favorite sports are kickball and soccer. Two of Laasini’s favorite activities are playing out- side and being with her friends.
Her favorite foods she likes to eat are chicken rice, Gobi Manchurian, pizza, and brownies.
If Laasini was allowed to make one wish it would be to be allowed to pull stuff out of the TV or computer that she wants like how Willy Wonka can.
Laasini is very social and can make friends easily with everyone in no time. When Laasini grows up she either wants to be a fashion designer, event man- ager, singer, dancer, or actress.
Keep up the good job in school Laasini and always remember the importance of getting good grades!!!!