Student of the Month

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By, Pam Teel

Seven year-old Ares Ahuja is in the second grade at the Millstone Primary School. Ares’ favorite subject in school is math but he loves recess too where he gets to run around and play with his friends. Ares is a great student and works hard to get the best grades.
His favorite book he likes to read is called, Sam the Man.
His favorite TV programs that he likes to watch are base- ball games. Ares is a big Yankee fan. He also likes to watch soccer.
His favorite song right now is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.
His hobbies include playing baseball, wrestling, playing pi- ano and playing the tabla, an Indian instrument.
He also likes to play catch with his dad.
His favorite place to visit is Yankee Stadium in New York.
Ares lives with his mom and dad and older sister Kyra. His grandparents come from India every summer and spend three months with them. Ares is sad to see them go back every year. Ares also has a dog named Mili.
His favorite holidays are Christmas, Diwali, and Halloween.
Ares’ favorite foods to eat are chicken nuggets and Allu Parantha.
Ares likes being a Boy Scout and has a lot of fun camping and doing other scouting activities.
In the future he would love to become a baseball player.
If he had but one wish, it would be to be the best baseball player that he could be and to one day break his bat while he was hitting a ball!!!
Who knows Ares, maybe one day you will be a future New York Yankee. Keep up the great grades in school and remember it takes a lot of practice to become great at something. I have no doubt with your determination you will be that greatest baseball player ever!!!!!!

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