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By Brianna Siciliano

The cold weather does not seem to be leaving anytime soon, and it seems like we are doing anything we can to keep warm: taking long, hot showers, drinking hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, and cuddling up with our children, spouses, pets, and blankets. Wouldn’t it be great to warm yourself up while getting pampered all at the same time? Well, it is possible! Ask your local spa if any (or all) of these wonderful spa treatments are available for you!

If you are looking to loosen your tight, knotted muscles, ease your tension, and relieve stress, a Hot Stone Massage is perfect for you! The heat that the hot stones provide are extremely relaxing. The stones also warm up your tight muscles, helping your massage therapist work deeper and quicker to unknotting your tight muscles.

Another fabulous spa treatment that will warm you up is a Seaweed Skin Treatment. For this body treatment, fresh seaweed is warmed up to body temperature and smoothed over your body to help get rid of toxins, while softening, your skin. Seaweed is a great source of healing! When applied to your skin, seaweed can combat acne, reduce toxins in your skin, fight cellulite, and supply your skin with moisture. Once the seaweed treatment is finished, you end the process by taking a warm shower and applying seaweed cream onto your skin. How could you pass up the opportunity of receiving this beneficial treatment?

If you are looking for a massage that will focus on helping chronic muscle aches and pains, leg muscle tightness, sore shoulders, or on realigning deep layers of muscles, then a Deep Tissue Massage is what you have been searching for! Deep tissue massages physically break down the causes of your tension and pain to relieve suffering and restore normal movement. Therapists usually use massage oil, hot towels, and firm pressure to relax your muscle tissues. By the end of this massage, you will have less pain and more mobility.

Get rid of all of your worrying, stress, tension, and pains by making an appointment to pamper and warm yourself up! You deserve it!