Skin safety at the beach

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If you’ve been to the Jersey Shore, you probably know that sun isn’t hard to come by! Even if you’re not trying to get a tan, you’ll most likely end up with a freckled nose by the time you leave. The reason for this is because water, and especially salt water, attracts the sun. Also depending on where you’re beaching, the sand might attract rays as well.

It’s important to protect your skin from unhealthy UV radi- ation at all times, but especially when you’re on the sand. It is always important to keep your skin covered. Sunscreen is the most important thing you can use on your skin daily. Not only is sun damage extremely bad for your skin’s overall health, but it also increases the chances of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sunscreen also has the benefit of protecting your skin from other environmental stressors such as pollution and free rad- icals that we are all exposed to everyday. This is because sun- screen is packed with antioxidants, and in result protect from more than just sun.

Look for sunscreen that has an easy application, sheer visi- bility and lightweight and aim for 50+. 50+ may seem pretty high, but the more the better to protect your beautiful skin! You can also try a tinted sun protection. Not only is it the per- fect primer or base, it also evens out your skin tone creating a flawless look.

Don’t forget your lips! If you’ve ever had sunburnt lips you know that it is nothing short of a nightmare. Look for a lip sunscreen that doesn’t get sticky and conditions your lips as well while it protects the sun. Lip protector is also great to have with you at all times, not just not on the beach.