Should I Consider Whitening my Teeth

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Your smile is the way you greet the world. While there are many options for teeth whitening , it is advisable to discuss this process with your dentist.
There are three types of systems for teeth whitening:
The in-office system takes place in one visit and you get the most advanced whitening technology with the results you want. The usual session takes between 45-60 minutes.
The take-home system utilizes custom fitted trays and gels. The procedure may take several days to two weeks to achieve similar results as the in-office system. This system is advantageous for mild discoloration or periodic touch-ups.
David P. Young, DMD, DICOI
In addition to the professionally prescribed systems, there are several over-the-counter products. Depending upon the concentration of the whitening agents, your expected results may vary. Again, before using any of the over-the-counter products it is advisable to discuss this with your dentist. Tissue irritation and sensitivity need to be considered when using any whitening over-the-counter- product.
With regards to sensitivity, everyone responds differently to whitening. Sensitivity is a side effect of the procedure, but products are available that can be prescribed by your dentist to control this condition.
Another question I am frequently asked is how long it lasts? Many foods and beverages people consume can have an effect on whitening maintenance. Periodic whitening touch-ups are quite common to maintain the whiter color of your teeth but the frequency of utilization should also be discussed with your dentist as you do not want to create long term sensitivity issues.
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