Shopping In Stores

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By Lauren Kolacki

As technology becomes more advanced and prominent, it also becomes more prevalent. Automation is diminishing the need for actual people in many job fields. For instance, the use of computerized kiosks reduces the need for cashiers and ticket sellers, EZ pass decreases the amount of employed toll booth operators, and factory workers are being replaced by actual working robots. Technology has even depreciated the obligation to think for ourselves between spell check, calculators and the internet.

During the course of the last few years, the use of online shopping has escalated exceedingly, on account of, none other than technology. In order for shops to maintain an onsite clientele they need to make shopping in their store an experience more than just trying on and buying clothes. By incorporating VIP rooms, cafes and other trendy factors, retailers are able to make their shoppers feel special.

In attempts to attract the youngest generation, some stores are even adding a photo backdrop and hashtags so that adolescents can upload their photos to Instagram and tag their location to share their experience online. Visual cues and other exclusive amenities contribute to an overall actuality of their memorable day.