September is officially Honey Month in New Jersey

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The Assembly Agriculture Committee today advanced Assembly- man Ron Dancer’s resolution designating September as Honey Month in New Jersey.

“Honey is a valuable commodity for our state, bringing in more than $2.8 million in annual sales for farmers and beekeepers,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “Honey Month will increase awareness about the health benefits of this natural sweetener and encourage people to purchase locally produced honey.”

The resolution (AJR165) cites more than 13,000 honey-produc- ing bee colonies in the state, pro- ducing more than 364,000 pounds each year.

The medicinal properties of honey have been known since the times of ancient Egypt. Today it is sought for alleviating coughs and sore throats, treating insect bites, and as a natural antibacterial for cuts, scrapes and acne.