Secrets to Using Highlighter

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By Gabriella Mancuso

Over the last couple of years makeup has made a huge comeback! Everyone wants it, everyone wears it and everyone flaunts it. From eyeshadow to lipstick it has become a huge phenomenon in this day and age. One product that has really made its way to the top is highlighter. Makeup looks just wouldn’t be complete without the glow and shim- mer. That is, if you apply it right. If you want that perfect, shimmering finish to your up do we have the perfect tips for you.

If you are applying highlighter to your skin you first need to know which kind of “glow” you are going for. If you have fair skin use a highlighter that gives a pinkish glow. If you have medium or dark skin use a highlighter that gives a goldish glow. Next, you need to be sure of where to apply the highlighter. Most people just apply it to their cheekbones. Although, this is correct it is not the only place you should apply it to. Along with the cheekbone you must also apply it to under the brow bone, inner corner of the eye and the cupids bow of your lip to brighten your look. You must apply it to the high points of the face. This will help give you a natural glow but help complete all the missing parts of your look.

Everyone loves highlighter, and knowing exactly how to apply it makes it all the better. Whether it is a little or a lot no makeup look is complete without it. Highlighter gives you a natural but outstanding glow, and it makes your pictures POP! Hopefully your highlighter never stops shinning!