Reiki and the Energy of Children

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Why should you learn how to do Reiki?

How about for relieving stress and anxiety in your children!

The pain relief and emotional balance that Reiki brings to adults can also help children and teens facing a variety of issues, such as ADHD and anxiety. Reiki energy promotes the body’s own natural healing processes, and children undergoing Reiki therapy often experience a reduction in hyperactivity, better sleeping habits, and calmer physical and emotional states. Teen depression or anxiety can also be alleviated. When you learn how to channel this healing energy, you can use it any time you want to help your child’s well- being.

Dimensions Reiki has a series of introductory Reiki classes designed to teach you how to use Reiki energy and certify you as an official practitioner. To experience the benefits of Reiki energy healing, contact us to schedule a Reiki session for you or your child (30-minute and 60-minute options), and join one of our Reiki group circles in Matawan to share in the energy healing of the group (Thursdays – March 14th and 21st). Find YOUR intention and love your well-being!!