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How to Make Your Room Look Larger

By Lauren Kowlacki

There are many things you can do to make a room in your home look larg- er than it is. From a painted ceiling to adding window trim, there are easy ways you can make a room appear bigger.

The right color selection can help expand the room. Adding color can ac- tually do the trick by focusing on colors that draw your eyes up. One of the techniques to make a room look larger is by painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls. By using a flat enamel paint, we are attracting the eyes up to the top versus straight across to the walls. The dark ceiling actually makes the ceiling look endless and recede into the walls.

Using an eggshell paint with a sheen on the walls is a reflective color and the sheen helps reflect line in the room helping with the appearance of size. This with the combination of a dark ceiling and a light color wall will make the room appear larger.

The last and final step is adding trim to any windows in the room. Just a few inches of trim helps make the window appear bigger. The trim offers depth and texture to the room.