Myths of Chiropractors

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If you have never had chiropractic care, I wonder if it may be because of some common myths you have heard. Here is some information to help dispel some of those myths:

1. Getting an adjustment hurts – you may have heard people call chiropractors “bonecrushers,” I can assure you we do not “crush bones.” A chiropractor understands the skeletal, muscular and nervous system in a way that allows us to find the source of the problem and make adjustments to correct and alleviate symptoms. Adjustments are gentle and often patients feel a degree of relief immediately following the treatment.
Allison J. Scharf, DC
2. Once I start, I’ll be going forever – Patients with an acute issue may come in for a few visits and obtain the relief they need. Others find that continued care increases their overall well-being and choose to seek care on an ongoing basis. Just like having your teeth cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy mouth, having your spine checked regularly is recommended to maintain a healthy spine.
3. Chiropractors are not real doctors–There is a common misconception that chiropractors are under-educated and not as qualified as medical doctors. Chiropractors attend 4 years of undergraduate school, then another 4 – 5 years to receive their doctorate. They must also pass National and State board certifications to become licensed.
4. Chiropractic care is dangerous – Chiropractic care is much safer than surgery or pain killers when it comes to your back or neck. Many physicians have recommended seeking chiropractic care before deciding on an extensive surgical procedure.
5. It’s only for adults–Not true! Children, including infants and toddlers can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. The youngest person I adjusted was my niece when she was only a couple hours old. Of course, adjustments are different than for adults, being that their little bones are so soft.
Remember – keep your spine in line and you’ll be fine!

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