More Than a Spring Fling

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The calendar doesn’t lie…spring time is here! And with winter still dominating our weekend plans and our wardrobes, it’s hard to remember that warmer weather is right around the corner.

Everyone knows that springtime is the perfect time to deep clean and purge everything that’s built-up during our annual house-hibernation. We take the time to get into every nook and cranny, but why not take that refreshment a little further? Here are some simple interior design solutions to reinvigorate your home and your life, from the inside out.

A…is for Accessories.

The perfect way to revitalize your interior is to give your accessories a facelift. New throw pillows, draperies, area rugs and artwork can make the biggest difference and completely change the way you look at your space. Accessories can help alter a room’s existing color scheme and breath new life into your well-worn furniture. By either starting small or going all the way, you’ll surely feel the impact of your new home accessorizing.

B…is for Bringing the outside in.

Our landscaping is waiting to break ground again and our tulips are longing for sunlight. Nothing livens up your home more than life itself. Bringing greenery into an interior is a proven way to improve overall wellness and help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Let the fresh air in and keep it fresh through house plants, low maintenance succulents and freshly cut flowers. Green-ish thumbs recommended.

C…is for Color, through paint that is.

Nothing compares to a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re sprucing up with the same SKU or bringing in a brand-new hue, the power of color is a mighty one. Light, softer colors will add airiness to a smaller space, while dark, bolder colors add drama and impact. You can change how you look at your home entirely with a few cans and a roller, or your local professional’s hand for a faster and easier turnaround. And when making a new selection, be sure to always take your lighting sources into account. Daylight and artificial light can change a color entirely.

Applying these interior design tips and tricks is the simplest way to help you fall back in love with your home. Get inspired by the change of seasons and implement some well-deserved change for you and your family. It may seem like revitalization is slowly approaching out- side, but no need to wait for it inside, too.

Let me know how this advice as helped make your house feel more like home. – Jennifer