Marketing Tip- Combine Mediums

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The claims of the death of print media advertising were not only greatly exaggerated- they were dead wrong. Print media advertising isn’t just hanging on, either. Now that digital advertising has been around long enough to be evaluated, it’s clear that the advantages of print media are many. But the best use of print advertising isn’t when it’s a substitute for other media. When print is combined with other advertising media, it shows its real strength.

Here are the facts:

  • Research shows print allows you to gain deeper understanding and memory because newspapers and magazines are laid out intentionally for readability and enhanced memory retention.
  • Print offers unparalleled target marketing by sections and specific editorial topics. When the reader, the business advertiser and the voice of the publications have same “values and goals”, print succeeds in ROI over other media.
  • Unlike internet advertising that readers often must click to read, social media that comes and goes, or quick radio or tv ads, print media advertising stays in front of you.
  • Local news and credible publications give businesses an aura of strength, trust and solidity. People view print advertisers as more trustworthy than those digital formats.
  • All types of advertising require repeat placement to be effective. But is is proven that awareness continues to grow with the frequency of print ads more than other media.
  • Print is the most budget friendly with greatest impact because look at any print ad’s closing paragraph , and you’re likely to see a redirect to a website for more information or a special offer. That’s because print is exceptionally good at driving readers to wherever you want them to go like the web for your reviews.
  • For maximum impact, your marketing campaign should be an integrated with editorial that is helpful to the reader, creates your business as more credible and unique than your competitor. Discounts and coupons can hurt a business.

***Local print combined with editorial, branding, repetition and community involvement increases your overall businesses’ ROI in the long run- big picture.

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