“Kids” Giving

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By Teena S. Patel Owner, Lightbridge Academy of Eatontown

The holiday season is fast approaching and children are excited to see family again and of course collect a few presents along the way. To kick off this holiday season, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You’ve been diligently working around the clock to create your annual feast. From inspiration boards to fun crafts and the revolving menu options that you’ve left nothing und

one. But then a question flashes before you and suddenly you are asking yourself, how to include the kids this year?

Here’s my list of how to turn Thanksgiving into “Kids” Giving:

1. Kid Chefs: Let’s face it, you could use an extra pair of hands or two in the kitchen. Why not hire your tiny little helpers to assist in putting together the side dishes and salad? And the best part is, they’re paid with hugs and kisses!

2. Table Setting: This is one of my favorite things to do. You can go online and get inspired by an array of beautiful table settings that incorporate rich fall colors. Scented candles, fall foliage and rustic décor are a few ways to bring the autumn air inside and surround your guests with warmth. Have your children create a small decorative element for your table. A pinecone painted with glitter or a special drawing for each setting the size of a 3 x 5 index card is a great way to incorporate a fun craft while having them be a part of the festivities.

3. Baking: After they’ve helped you with the sides and set up your fabulous table, it’s time to think about what’s really on their minds and yours – Drum Roll Please – Dessert! Why not decorate your own cookie? Grocery stores now have baked sugar cookies in your favorite holiday shapes. Grab a box and create your own royal icing with only four ingredients (this can be easily found online). Don’t forget the toppings either from mini chocolate chip morsels to sprinkles. Mindful Tip: Keep in mind that you may have someone coming with a food allergy so you may have to alter a few ingredients here and there.

4. Cleanup: Well let’s face it, cleanup is not fun at any age but it’s got to

get done. As enthusiastic as they were to help you put everything together get your little ones just as excited to break it all down. Play some music in the background to get those little hands and feet moving & grooving. Assign them simple tasks like collecting all those glittery pines cones and placing them in a freezer bag for future use. Have them go around collecting any paper cups or water bottles left behindor give them a kitchen towel to help dry non-breakable dishes and silverware.

The opportunities are endless when trying to turn this Thanksgiving to a “Kids”Giving holiday that they will cherish for years to come. Wishing all our families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!