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By Mia Ingui

A common goal among most adults is to land a job that you love to do while making a decent living. Whether you attended college or jumped straight into the job market, it is possible to love the job that you have, even if the job is not ideal. Here are ways to love where you are working.

  1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR WORK! This will give you the strength to tackle the tough parts. Consider things like your coworkers that you get along with, stimulating assignments you receive, etc.
  2. MAKE A CHANGE – EVEN IF IT’S A SMALL ONE. Boredom is often at the root of unhappiness at work, so take a step toward modifying what’s get- ting you down.
  3. DE-CLUTTER YOUR OFFICE. De-cluttering is liberating and empowering, and can bring you a new perspective.
  4. VOLUNTEER YOURSELF! Commit to new responsibilities. You may get a feeling of progress, and you will refresh your focus. Say, “yes” to new assignments!
  5. FIND YOUR JOY IN UNEXPECTED PLACES. Laugh more, talk to your co- workers, and try adopting hobbies outside of work to find joy.