How Does Cellulaze Treat Cellulite?

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Cellulite affects up to eighty-five percent of women and has seen a myriad of tried approaches through the years. The problem has been that cellulite is a series of structural problems beneath the skin, not simply a fat problem. There are three components and most prior treatments addressed only one or two. The anatomical issues are as follows: fiberous bands pulling down specific areas of the skin (similar to the threads holding mattress buttons down), fat accumulation between the banded areas, and general laxity of the overlying skin. Cellulaze is a laser treatment that specifically addresses all three components of cellulite. It is the only FDA cleared one time minimally invasive laser treatment for cellulite.
The treatment is done in the office with local anesthesia and a mild oral sedative. A few small stab wounds are used to deliver the local anesthesia and to insert the laser. There are three specific passes made with the laser under the skin with varying wave lengths and power. A directional side cutting laser is used to cut the bands. The next pass melts the fat only in the areas where there are bulges under the skin. The third pass then covers the entire area and is aimed up at the dermis ultimately resulting in collagen production and improved skin thickness and elasticity.
The procedure typically takes about three hours. Bruising can be significant for a few weeks and final results can take three to six months to achieve. This means that fall and winter are the ideal time to finally smooth out that lumpy skin.

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