How Cars Have Changed in the Last Decade

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By, Gabrielle Mancuso

Throughout the last decade many aspects of our daily lives have progressed. Most have adapted to fit our “technologically advanced” world. One item that stands out is the car. Over the last ten years the automobile that gets you from
home to your child’s soccer practice has taken a big step towards progression.
Here’s how:
Navigation Systems: Way back when, navigation systems were not as common as they are today. In today’s life almost, every car has a navigation system. Ten years ago, navigations were considered extravagant. If you had one in your car, you were a lucky one.
Entertainment: The entertainment features of cars have indeed advanced within the last decade. CD players, which used to be located in every car below the radio, are no scarce. In their place now are auxiliary options, so you can inject your phone or iPod to place the music or song of your choice. This also resulted in less TVs and DVD players, a mini vans signature.
Safety Features: Over the last ten years cars have taken the liberty of improving
themselves in an extremely safe way. Now-a-days cars are equipped with more airbags. Ten years ago, cars only consisted of 2 airbags, one for the driver and one for the passenger up front. Now they consist of 4 or more airbags, one to ensure the safety of the maximum number of passengers your car can hold. They also are equipped with sensors, cameras, collision warnings, alerts for low fuel, oil change, etc.
Comfort: Air conditioning and heating have thankfully improved throughout the years. There are now cars with heated seats, air conditioning throughout the car as well as heating luxury.