Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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This recipe makes 5lbs of dog food at 865 calories per lb. You can freeze in serving size plastic bags for up to 8 months.


• Ground beef
• +85% lean. If less than 85%, please inquire about a new recipe

• 2.75 lb.
• Organ meat
• Beef liver – preferably chopped/ground
• 1/4 lb.
• Vegetable Group 1
• Fresh or canned puree sweet potato
• 3/4 lb.
• Vegetable Group 2
• 1/2 lb. carrot + 1/4 lb. spinach or kale

• 3/4 lb Legumes
• Lentils, sprouted or raw 1 cup
• Safflower oil 1 tablespoon
• Optional fruit: 1 handful of blueberries, bananas, or sliced apples (no seeds)
• Optional herbs: 1 small bunch of fresh flat leaf parsley
• Optional oils: 1 tablespoon of pure omega-3 fish oil (We recommend pure wildsalmon, or anchovy/sardine oil)
• Optional supplements:Additional supplement (fibers, turmeric, chicory root, glucosamine, milk thistle, spirulina, coconut oil, etc.)

What else you will need:

Ziploc/freezer safe bags to portion and store in freezer. Large mixing bowl/pan


1. Bring water to boil. Use this water to boil organ meat and sweet potato together (unless using canned/puree). Boil organ meat until cooked – if boiling whole organ meat, cut into small pieces after boil.

2. Cook sweet potato and lentils. Boil/bake sweet potato whole and mash – or use canned sweet potato puree. Boil lentils according to instructions.
3. Prepare greens and carrots. Finely dice/blend greens. Chop carrots/pulse blend.
4. Cook ground meat in non-stick skillet or large pot on medium heat (no oil), stir frequently. When meat is still slightly pink, add in greens and carrots.

Cook until meat is done, carrots are soft, and greens are wilted (breaks down cell walls and allows for nutrient absorption).
5. Add oils and nutrient blend. Take meat and veggies off of heat and let cool (until warm/no longer cooking temperature). Transfer meat and veggies to large mixing bowl. Add oils and entire supplement pack (without this pack the recipe is nutritionally deficient). Mix.
6. Add in cooked sweet potato, lentils, cooked liver, and optional additions (fruit, parsley, etc.). Mix thoroughly. Separate to individual servings.