Home Renovations That Should Take Priority This Winter for The Best Value

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By Abigail Urban

Winter brings not only lower temperatures, but also lower prices for home renovations. Business is slower for contractors during the winter, so it becomes easier to get in contact with a contractor who can guide you with your indoor projects, plan them early and have them completed quickly and efficiently when the warmer months begin, according to the thespruce.com. Professional contractors can also help you figure out the costs of your projects, determine how long they will take and choose projects that will give you higher return on investment. It is also cheaper to hire contractors for the winter because they may bump up their prices when they are in higher demand during the warmer seasons, according to franklinbuildingsupply.com.

Not to mention that nothing says,“deck the halls” like a newly renovated kitchen. The winter may be a perfect time to take advantage of lower prices on appliances because manufacturers might offer discounts to try to reduce their inventory, according to Brian Ciota at mcclurgteam.com. If you need products such as windows or kitchen cabinets, it might be best to buy them in the winter months before their prices increase in the spring.

Porches, decks, as well as other outdoor additions are also best built in the winter as long as you are willing to bundle up in scarves and brave the frigid temperatures. Winters allow for frozen grounds and dry air that make it easier to dig foundations and pour concrete footers, according to Rick Thomas on angieslist.com. These tasks are more difficult when the ground is muddier and the air is more humid, such as during the spring and the summer. However, it is not suitable to paint in colder temperatures, so a paint job on the exterior of your home may need to be postponed to the spring.

What are you waiting for? Renovate your house into the home of your dreams during the most cost-effective time of the year!