HCG Hormone Therapy: for the greatest Weight-loss of your life!

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Has your weight loss journey extended for years leading to frustration with only meager results, or has your effort to lose weight only achieved temporary results? If so, the HCG Diet Program at Nutritional Infusions may be the perfect fit for you.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is a naturally occurring hormone present in both men and women which functions to liberate stored fat, in turn energizing and nutrifying the body when coupled with a 500 calorie diet. You will learn to administer the HCG by simple injection along with the special diet training for optimal results. The Program has helped thousands of people lose their desired weight from extreme, 1.5 lbs per day, to fine tuning with a minimal amount of weight lost for good. The majority of those on the diet say they were not hungry.

Dr. Simeons, the originator of the HCG Diet spent more than twenty years scientifically testing every aspect of obesity. His story is remarkable. Dr. Simeons found that by injecting a small amount of HCG along with a specially tailored diet, he reduced a persons weight by a pound a day on average and you can expect the same.

Our Doctors have over 50 years combined experience helping people realize their Best Health Possible.