Hard-To-Buy-For Gifts

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There are people who do not want any gifts. We all know at least one of these people.

While it is important to always respect people’s wishes, this can become difficult during the holidays, when it is routine to show people we care about them through the giving of presents. So how do you accomplish this with someone who wants nothing? Consider the following holiday-inspired options.


Consumable gifts are a great way to show someone you care — and tasty to boot! Local bakeries are pillars in most small towns, and normally offer a wide selection of specialty treats that only appear during the holiday season. Think lavender caramels, hot cocoa truffles and house-made peppermint sticks. If your loved one has less of a sweet tooth, consider a gift card to a local restaurant.


It is the default to give a gift, but just telling someone how much they mean to you can accomplish the same goal — and is genuinely appreciated by those who don’t want “things.” Tell your loved one some way they positively impacted you this past year or how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Take extra care in the presentation and shop local businesses for fine stationery and creamy envelopes. Finish the letter by tying it with a satin ribbon in a rich color and tuck a sprig of pine in the bow.


Treat a friend or family member to a meal at a great local restaurant. While gift cards are always appreciated, what makes this gift special is sharing the meal together. If it is a friend or family member you don’t see often, use this time to catch up. Even if the gift is for someone you see every day, sharing a meal or taking a walk downtown can be the perfect setting to reminisce about past memories.