‘Friends of Cyrus II’ diversifies their services into the Millstone Township area with their state-of-the-art Adult Day Habilitation Program which will provide quality and comprehensive care to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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This brand-new program will join 2 others and the 24 community residences ‘Friends of Cyrus II’ presides over in Burlington, Camden, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties.

After months of preparations, Friends of Cyrus II announces the culmination of their Millstone Township Adult Day Habilitation Program. This advanced program will provide comprehensive and expert care from highly trained and educated staff, to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Friends of Cyrus II (FOCII) was founded about 10 years ago by Kamelia Kameli, CEO. Kamelia saw first- hand the desperate need for services for those with I/DD upon adulthood due to her son Cyrus who is Autistic and non-verbal also requiring an “appropriate program.” While exploring every option of disability services for Cyrus, Kamelia decided that there were others like him who deserved more. And thus, Friends of Cyrus II was born.

The Millstone Township Adult Day Program is FOCII’s third day habilitation program which is officially open and operational from Monday to Friday, 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. The program is overseen by an experienced and knowledgeable Director, Jennifer Overfield. “I am excited to serve each individual as a person to collectively build a thriving, inclusive program,” states Jennifer.

Along with our other day habilitation programs, Millstone will continue to provide opportunities for our participants to make choices, become more independent, and work on their own personal goals. “We want to offer pre-vocational training skills to all of those wanting to pursue employment in their communities. It is important to us to continue our work in providing Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills in order to assist the individuals we serve in their personal successes,” Overfield continues.

Friends of Cyrus II strives to integrate all the people they serve into their respected communities. The Millstone Day Program will be no different. Jennifer Overfield hopes to incorporate various community outings where the program participants can explore, engage, and learn about the surrounding areas. “Participating in our community helps to develop better social skills and will strengthen our individuals’ ability to advocate for themselves. The program also hopes to feature different curriculum such as horticultural skills, physical fitness development, creative expression, and volunteer opportunities.” Jennifer Overfield, Director of Millstone Day Program.

The participants who will be enrolled in the Millstone Day Program will include some of the residents already with Friends of Cyrus II but also many adults from the surrounding areas. “FOCII specializes in behavioral management and we have an extraordinary Clinical Team overseen by David Sullivan BCBA, Director of Clinical Services and Dr. Timothy Nipe, Chief Clinical Officer,” states Alixandra Van Sciver, FOCII’s Communication Relations Coordinator. Van Sciver states the clinical team works hard to develop individualized behavior plans for each person they serve if necessary for them. “The adults we serve vary in ranges of behavioral support needs. Our clinical team does a fabulous job in assessing each new admission properly to make sure we can serve them to the best of our abilities.”

Within Friends of Cyrus II, the participants and residents are provided, not only with the proper care they need, but with the ability to make choices. FOCII aims to ‘foster independence’ and to be a

‘provider of choice.’ The Millstone Day Program will offer a plethora of choices for those who attend while continuing a daily routine and schedule. The program will involve activities structured around the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) approach. AFLS is an evidence-based skills assessment tool and curriculum guide, designed to assist those with I/DD, learn and maintain crucial skills they need to achieve independence.

A fundamental, but critical part of the program will be developing basic life skills. This can include, but is not limited to practicing personal hygiene, cooking, laundry, organizational skills, and social interaction. Some of the community-based activities that will be included in the program will consist of visiting local parks, malls, zoos, libraries, and museums. Through all these activities and skill development, the Millstone Day Program can assist its participants in their personal goals and successes.

One point, the founder and CEO, Kamelia Kameli wanted to make clear was that at FOCII the staff are not qualified to diagnose any medical or psychiatric illnesses or prescribe any sort of medications as there not doctors or nurses on staff. “However, if the individuals are on medications that must be administered during services hours, we will be happy to do so. No one is going to be disqualified because they are on medication,” Kamelia emphasized. Friends of Cyrus II also provides transportation to and from home on a case-to-case basis.

The Millstone Day Program will be seeking to follow suit with FOCII’s other programs in providing transportation. The catchment area is 10 miles, but of course can be discussed on an individualized basis depending on that person’s needs. FOCII also notes that all staff are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested each week to ensure the health and safety of everyone. All staff are also required to utilize face masks when interacting and engaging with the individuals we serve.

Friends of Cyrus II seeks to provide broader access to disability support services for adults seeking Day Habilitation services and individuals aging out of their Special Education Programs. FOCII currently operates day programs in Medford and Tabernacle, NJ. In addition to day services, FOCII operates 24 community-based residences throughout Burlington, Camden, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties. The agency also provides In-Home Support services for adults throughout the state.

“What makes our programs successful, is our well trained and dedicated team. Every resident and every participant become a family member and a friend of Cyrus.” Kamelia Kameli, Founder & CEO.

The new Millstone Adult Day Habilitation Program is located at 36 Trenton Lakewood Road in Millstone Township, NJ 08510. If you need support for an adult with disabilities who is approved for DDD Services, please reach out to the Friends of Cyrus II admissions team at admissions@friendsofcyrus.com. For further assistance please reach out to jessica@friendsofcyrus.com or katie@friendsofcyrus.com.

Friends of Cyrus II is a Human Services Agency that provides community-based residential programs, in- home supports services, and day habilitation services to New Jersey’s intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. Since its inception, Friends of Cyrus II has operated with an unwavering mission in mind: to create a haven of lifetime support options for individuals with disabilities. Friends of Cyrus II currently supports over 120 adults throughout Burlington, Camden, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties with a focus on fostering independence, dignity, privacy, choice, and individuality.