Flu Shot Reminder

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With the coming of fall, many people’s thoughts turn to Halloween, Thanksgiving and even
Christmas shopping. However, another, more important event should be on everyone’s mind…
that of your annual getting your annual flu vaccine. The CDC has recommended that anyone
over the age of six months should receive a flu vaccine. Since it takes about two weeks to confer immunity, it is recommended that the flu vaccine should be given by the end of October.
However, the flu vaccine can be given throughout the winter months even through January or
February. In addition to getting the flu vaccine, the CDC also recommends that we stay away
from others who are sick with any type of upper respiratory disease and develop a habit to
wash your hand frequently. This includes washing your hands after a sneeze, a cough or after
using the bathroom. Although it is important to get a flu vaccine annually, a person can still get the flu despite getting the vaccine. The reason for this happening is due to the following: 1) You could have gotten the flu shortly before getting the vaccine,or 2) you might be exposed to a strain of flu that was not included in the flu vaccine. Although you can never say whether you will get the flu despite getting the vaccine, the CDC states that the overall risk to the population is reduced by between 30-60 %. So, as mother would say to me…”A word to the wise is sufficient.” So be wise and get your flu shot.