Fascinating Facts about your Cat Emotions

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Just like dogs, cats and humans have the same brain structure, and experience the same emotions we do. Owners can tell by their cats body language, facial expressions, and sounds to detect how the cats are feelings. For example, when a cat is scared or experiencing fear, the cats will run away and hide. When cats want to cuddle with their owners, they are exuding positive emotions. Researchers discovered that mammals, including cats, have seven basic emotional systems. Purina states that these systems include searching for food, a fear system, a play system, and a care system.
One study done at Oakland University studies 12 cats, their own- ers, and how the cats reacted to different kinds of emotions. When the owner was smiling, the cats began purring and jumping on their owners laps. The cats were also seen spending more time in the area where their owner was. Cats also are known for forming strong attractions and bonds for their owners. When an owner is gone for long periods of time or passed away, they show massive signs of distress. Cats will go into hiding or sit outside their owners bedroom door and cry. Some cats will even refuse to eat. These all show how strong a cats’ bond and feeling of love towards an owner can be. Pet Centric states that the strongest proof that cats experience the emo- tion of love and attraction is when cats travel thousands upon thou- sands of miles just to find their owners again.
Cats also have been known to have feelings of selflessness. Re- searchers discovered that cats have been known to risk their lives for their owners. Pet Centric states that, “One kitty we know of fought off a poisonous snake and took the bite that was meant for her owner. Another cat jumped out of a window right after his owner fell out”.
Cats have the stereotype of only caring about themselves, howev- er that is not very true. Cats are caring animals that care greatly for their owners. They are loving creatures, and should never have that stereotype.