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Dr. Jerry Falk, DMD Celebrates over 30 Years of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry In Millstone Township

By, Pam Teel

Dr. Falk and his wife Bonnie came to live in Millstone 38 years ago. The Doctor graduated from dental school in 1976 from the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. It took him just three years. When he started his profession, he was twenty-four years old.
In 1980, he saw patients in his ranch home on Carrs Tavern Road. He contin- ued his practice there in the three-room office, but as the population grew in the town, the Doctor soon outgrew the space. He then went on to buy the property on the corner of Carrs Tavern and Rte. 571from then township resident, Nelson Maddi. Back then there was an old house on the property where Mr. Maddi ran a barbershop out of his home. The Doctor designed a new larger building that could support the influx of new people coming into town at that time.
In 1973, Dr. Falk’s wife Bonnie taught art classes to all the students in town from the first grade to the eighth grade. At that time, there were no art class- rooms and Bonnie basically worked out of her car, going from one school to the other to teach classes. She taught in Millstone for twenty-seven years.
Dr. Falk loves the small town atmosphere. With his family practice he got to meet many people over the years and has developed long lasting friendships throughout. He watched children grow up in this town and get married and have children of their own. He raised his son and daughter in Millstone and couldn’t be prouder when his daughter Allyson (Ally) joined him in his practice in 201, after graduating from Rutgers and then NYU Dental School. Dr. Ally- son Falk DDS also is certified in invisalign aligners; clear plastic devices in the shape of your teeth. (A plastic form of dental braces to adjust teeth) Dr. Falk has also included in his practice fabricating sleep apnea and mask free snoring appliances.
His son Chet graduated with a Biology Degree from the University of Scran- ton, received a Masters Degree in Material Science Engineering from the Uni- versity of Boulder, Colorado, and is continuing in a PHD program there doing Breast Cancer Research.
The family practice is not only limited to Millstone residents. Both doctors sees patients from Jackson, Robbinsville, Toms River, Cream Ridge, New Egypt, Avon, and other surrounding communities and they are still taking in new pa- tients. Having been a patient of Dr. Falks for at least 27 years, my family and I can personally vouch for the wonderful and friendly service from both the doctors and the staff, some of whom have been with him from the beginning.
“Jerry has been in Millstone for close to 40 years,” stated long time employee Veronica Korner. “In 1984, I moved from North Jersey to Freehold, saw the ad in the paper, and the rest is history. It’s been almost 35 years working with Dr. Jerry. He is a caring, compassionate, and considerate person with a wonderful wife who is just as caring. We are very fortunate to have a team that truly loves and cares about each other; that is probably why our days go by fast and we like coming to work. Dr.Ally is our newest addition. She has the same work ethic as her dad and is also a real pleasure to work with. Our days are filled with a lot of laughter as Jerry cracks us up on a daily basis. Our patients are like family to us.”
The Office is located at 15 Carrs Tavern Road in Millstone Township. To call for an appointment or for more information on services offered, please call the office at 609 -259- 3250.