Downsizing Your Home

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By Gabriella Mancuso

Downsizing your home is a common activity done by people who are leaving or moving out of their current house. Many times, the “downsizing” process is done prior to the “resetting the furniture to make your house look more appealing to buyers” process.
Downsizing is the elimination of old junk and unnecessary items you felt the need to keep around all these years. From the first tooth of your youngest kid to the piece of cloth you used to wipe your tears at your daughter’s wedding, these items surround us and take up space every day.
Although it is hard to get rid of the little things kept over the years it will provide you with amazing results in the end; less boxed, less clutter, less stress. Reducing clutter can take away stress and relax your mind and nerves. 70% of homeowner’s stress over excessive clutter in their homes. Not only will it ease your nerves, but it will also give your home a cleaner look.
You can always keep the little things you hold close to your heart, but everything else has got to go. There are many different options you can choose from such as donating to charity, passing it down to your younger family members/friends or putting it up for sale and making a profit!
People will buy anything now-a-days so don’t hesitate to sell your clutter. You will probably doubt it, have trouble letting it go, and try to convince yourself to keep it anyways, but the undeniable truth is if you don’t use you don’t need