Do’s and Don’ts of Dry Shampoo

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By Aleena McIlvaine
Instead of throwing your hair in a bun or putting on an ever popular “dad hat” when you’re having a bad hair day, simply spritz a bit of dry shampoo throughout your roots, give it a little tousle, and be on with the rest of your day feeling confident. When it comes to using dry shampoo products, whether it be a spray or powder, no one knows exactly what they’re doing. Everyone understands that it must cover their roots in order for it to make a difference in the look and feel of their hair, however, not many people really think about how to go about this. One of the biggest mistakes is simply applying it too close to the head, when it should be about ten inches away from the roots. Many people start out quite concerned because the spray comes out white, but this goes away as soon as it is brushed out. The product should sit for a minute or two before either brushing or combing it through with your fingers. This will leave your hair refreshed and looking brand new.
Dry shampoo can not only breath life back into oily hair, it can also help curls last longer, keep bobby pins in place, and hold a tease (backcomb) for longer. The starch or silica in the dry shampoo will coat the natural oils in the hair which keeps the curls from clumping together. The same prod- ucts also keep bobby pins from slipping out of place by giving them a little extra grip. Dry shampoo has many other odd but practical uses other than keeping you hair looking clean. If you feel your brows are looking a bit sparse, you can spray some on your finger or a q-tip and brush it through your brows for a more naturally full look. The same starch that pulls oil out of your hair, can also pull oil/grease out of real oil stains in clothing, you simply spray the dry shampoo on the problem area before throwing it in the washer.
A good dry shampoo is a must have for any beauty lover. It keeps your hair looking fresh and clean between washes and can be used for other everyday quick fixes. Most products won’t cost more than about $15, which is a steal for something that can really save you from a bad hair day. It’s not hard to love your hair when it always looks freshly washed thanks to dry shampoo.