Dimensions of Messages

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How often do you really just sit peacefully and experience the world around you? You may be surprised by the messages you receive!

We all have a connection to the intuition and spiritual energies around us. We have all had that moment of déjà vu that we cannot explain. Many of us have had unexpected thoughts pop into our minds that some- how resonate with us and turn out to be true. The more you learn how to “tune in” to these frequencies of intuitive messages, the more you can use them to help guide your decisions.
At Dimensions, we offer a variety of services and events to balance your energy and provide guidance and healing. Everyone had a great time at Mystic Night in July, and we were honored to help our guests con- nect with Loved Ones who have passed on who are looking to share messages of insight and love. Every month, we host training classes and workshops designed to help you learn how to receive and process the messages around you. In September, we are proud to join other talented healers and readers at the Thomas Baird Homestead’s 1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser. We will also be hosting a booth at the Fall One Spirit Festival and hosting lectures on the history of paranormal research. Just wait until you see what we have in store for you in the spooky month of October!
Contact us to schedule your private healing or reading session, and visit us at one of our upcoming events:
September 23: The Baird Homestead’s 1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser in Millstone Twp, NJ
• September 29-30: The 2-day Fall 2018 One Spirit Festival in Clinton, NJ
October 28: The LIVE paranormal investigation at the Murray Grove Retreat in Lacey Township, NJ