Dimensions of Empathy

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As the year progresses, we have been noticing that more and more people are struggling with their own emotions without recognizing that they are actually absorbing and storing the energy of OTHER people and places around them. Although they might not consider themselves “psychic,” this sensitivity to and absorption of people’s energy is known as Empathy.

On May 5-6 at the 10th annual One Spirit Festival in Clinton, NJ, we presented several workshops on mental shifts and techniques to help remove this excess energy, and we provided Reiki sessions at the Dimensions booth to relieve stress and anxiety associated with this build-up of unwanted emotions and energy. It was our most successful One Spirit Festival to date, and we were proud to be able to help so many people…yet there are many more who still need it. We also continue to host introductory Reiki healing circles twice per month to allow new guests to experience a demonstration of Reiki energy balancing.

If you’re feeling like you can’t be in large crowds because of all the energy “rubbing off on you,” or if you spend more and more time alone letting this alien, emotional energy drain away, please contact Dimensions Reiki to set up your own personal consultation and Reiki healing session, or review our website Calendar to find an event that interests you. We are also planning several public events where you can come visit us and get Reiki or a psychic reading of your energy, and we add new events all the time:

  • July 14: Jeff at the Light of Divine Truth Foundation’s 38th Annual Psychic Fair in Bordentown, NJ
  • July 28: Dimensions Reiki at the Soulsational Festival at Veterans Park in Bayville, NJ
  • September 23: The Thomas Baird Homestead 1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser in Millstone Township, NJ