Did You Know? Your Septic System Is Your Responsibility

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The Millstone Times January 2019

Did you know that as a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining your septic system? Maintaining your septic system protects your investment in your home. You should periodically inspect your system and pump out your septic tank.

Unlike those who live in areas served by regional sewerage systems, septic system owners are unique because they are solely responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of their wastewater treatment and disposal system. By adhering to simple and straightforward guidelines, septic system owners can ensure years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

If properly designed, constructed and maintained, your septic system can provide long-term effective treatment of your household wastewater. If your septic system isn’t properly maintained, you might need to replace it, costing you thousands of dollars. A malfunctioning system can contaminate groundwater which might be a source of drinking water. It also is important to keep your system properly maintained because it must be in good working order if you are planning to sell your home.