Benefits of Summer Camp!

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“I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well-organized summer camp may be of more value that a whole year of formal school work” – Charles William Eliot, Harvard University President, 1869-1909.

Child development professionals recognize overnight summer camp as an invaluable tool in helping children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. It is generally understood that the building blocks of self-esteem are made up of contributing, learning, and belonging. These three vital components that children need can be formed in overnight camp, beyond school and even beyond home.

Dr. Michael Popkin, founder of Active Parenting and family therapist, says that camp’s greatest benefit is perhaps its ability to let young people find and cultivate their interests, value and talent. This is something that current educational institutions won’t fully satisfy. Children who under- go and acquire all these things will be better prepared and are healthier overall.

Dr. Peter Scales, Senior Fellow of Search Institute and noted educator/ author, says that camp teaches children how to solve their own problems, interact with fellow peers and adjust socially, learn how to take responsi- bility, and acquire new skills, increasing their self-esteem in the process.

So consider sending your child to summer overnight camp this year. Let your child spend the summer growing their social network, building resilience and developing a positive sense of self which will help them be the best they can be. This would be a priceless investment in your child’s future.