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Allstate launches new pay-per-mile Insurance in New Jersey Milewise TM allows low-mileage drivers to pay as they go

New Jersey drivers can now pay per mile for their auto insurance. Allstate is now offering Milewise in the state where customers pay based on how much they drive. The less they drive, the less they pay. The new insurance product gives customers even more control over their insurance costs with the same great coverage and claim service from Allstate.
“A lot of my customers use public transportation as their primary way of getting around, yet they still own a car,” says Millstone Allstate Agency Owner Donn Sharer. “Milewise is ideal for these customers. Rather than getting a traditional insurance policy for a car that spends most of its time in their garage, Milewise customers pay based on how often they drive.”
Drivers who travel roughly 25 or fewer miles a day could save money on their auto insurance. Milewise is especially popular among retirees, stay-at-home parents and those who mainly use public transportation.
“Milewise is great for people with a low-mileage lifestyle,” said Allstate Vice President of Product Transformation, Ginger Purgatorio. “As different trans- portation methods continue to evolve, people are beginning to rely less on their personal vehicles and more on public transportation, ride-hailing and ridesharing. Milewise offers a money-saving insurance solution to meet these changing customer needs.”

To learn more about Milewise, New Jersey residents can contact:
Donn Sharer: Allstate Insurance Sharer & Associates Inc
500 NJ-33 #1d, Millstone, NJ 08535 (732) 446-4919
Bob Considine: Allstate Insurance Considine, Sharer & Associates Inc
5 Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ 08731 • (609) 971-8300