The 2018 Closet Purge

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By: Nicole Iuzzolino

2018 has finally come, which means it is time to purge of anything old and unwanted. Every new year is always a great time to get rid of anything that you just do not wear any longer. It is time to get rid of the old and fill your closet with the new. Here are the top five things to get rid of from your closet this 2018.

One: Faux Leather Bags

Everyone is guilty of buying those cheap leather bags that they sell at any clothing store in the mall. However these bags begin cracking and falling apart so quickly. It is time to purge of these bags and take on the saying “quality over quantity”. One quality bag will last you a lifetime, so you do not have to buy twenty more fake ones.

Two: Free T-Shirts

We all know those t-shirts that you get at local fundraisers and events. They really hold no value but for some reason we always keep them around. These shirts are the perfect thing to remove from your closets this season. It will make room for everything else that you buy throughout the new year.

Three: Uncomfortable Shoes

Everyone has those pairs of shoes that we never wear because of the blisters they cause. These are the shoes that must go this 2018. They are sitting there, collecting dust, and never being worn. It is time to get rid of those, and replace them with shoes that are actually comfortable.

Four: Dirty White Sneakers

As much as we try to wash them, there are times where the shoes refuse to come clean. While it may break your heart to get rid of them, you can always invest in a brand new pair.

Five: Corset Belts

If this was something purchased during the 2017 craze for these, it’s time for them to go. It is a trend that is short lived, and should not be part of your 2018 wardrobe.