Township Eagle Scouts Honored

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By Pam Teel

Three young men from Scout Troop 116 have been honored by the Eagle Court at Saint Josephs Church in Millstone Township for their community projects that helped to benefit their township.

Sixteen-year-old Nicholas Boyler is a junior at Allentown High School. Nicholas designed and built six large freestanding bat roosting boxes. The building of these boxes can help replace lost or degraded habitat that has been contributing to the decline of bat populations throughout North America. Bats in New Jersey that are likely to inhabit the boxes include, Little Brown Bats and Big brown bats. New Jersey’s little brown bat population has been ravaged by fungal diseases making them subject to distinction. Under the direction of the Monmouth County Park System environmentalists, the bat boxes were installed within the Perrineville Lake Park system and also on a local farm that borders the park. Nicholas’s goal was to give the bats a chance to survive. 18-year-old Thomas Brockman is a senior at

Allentown High School. He designed and built a decorative garden bed that enhances the entrance sign to the Historic Baird Homestead in Millstone Township. The Baird Homestead, built in the 1830’s, has been restored as a Museum by the Friends of Millstone Registered Properties. Thomas designed and walled the garden with boulder stones from the foundation of the original barn. The garden bed features an antique farm artifact from that period, which attracts attention to the site.

18-year-old Alden Littlefield attends Mercersburg Academy in PA. Alden designed and built a 4’ x 20’ paver walkway with a 12’ paver and cement display area at the Baird Homestead Museum. The walkway was designed with the historic feel of the Museum and included dedication pavers. The Baird House is an Agricultural Learning Museum. Alden worked closely with the Board Members of the Friends of Millstone Township Registered. Properties to assure the design and placement of the walkway matched with the historic surroundings. This project was a focal point of the 2015 Harvest Festival. Some of the pavers were stamped with people’s names and sold to raise money to the museum.

Brendan Maher is also 18 years old. Upon graduation from Allentown High School, Brendan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and is currently at Boot Camp in South Carolina. Brendan designed and constructed a 6 foot by 10 foot planter at the front entrance of St. Anthony’s Church in Hightstown, NJ. The planter is 20 inches in height and is constructed of landscape block. The planter was lined with landscape fabric, contains gravel at the base for drainage and high quality topsoil. The planter was filled with semi- evergreen, flowering perennials, and beautifies the entranceway of the church. The wall of the planter is low enough to provide a seating area when people gather in front of the church.

Congratulations to all three scouts for their fine work and the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.