Top Safe Baby Teething Remedies

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By Stefanie Maglio

No parent wants to see his or her baby in pain. Unfortunately this

happens to come along with teething. Luckily, there are many different

options to consider when it comes to relieving the pain, but avoiding

potentially harmful chemical remedies is very important especially with

babies. Here are some safe ways to help your baby while they are


A gentle gum massage with a clean finger can help to relieve a lot

of pain.

Gently pressing a refrigerator-chilled spoon to the baby’s gums.

This works best when the child has yet to have any teeth break through

the surface to avoid any accidental chipping.

Allowing the baby to chew on a cold, and or wet washcloth has been

said to help with the pain of teething.

Chilled foods such as applesauce or yogurt can help soothe gums

Plush teething toys specifically from organic brands have fruit flavor

and are machine washable.

OTC Pain reliever is also an option. Just make sure to check with

your pediatrician before giving some to the child.

Baby Orajel Naturals is a product to use for pain relief.

Wooden teethers may sound dangerous but they are actually an

effective option for relieving pain.

Rubber teethers that are BPA free.

Sometimes all it may take is a simple distraction such as some bath

time fun.

If the baby is six months of age or older, introducing a small soppy

cup with cool water can be soothing as well.