Tap to Eliminate Your Problems and Worries

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By Brianna Siciliano

Do you want your life to thrive and flourish so that you can finally be the best you possible? Are you finally ready to live the life that was meant for you, a life full of fulfillment, joy, and excitement? It’s about time to make a change and start living a successful, thriving life, which can be achieved
by tapping.

The basic technique for tapping requires you to focus on the negative emotion that is deeply bothering you, whether it is a bad memory, a fear or anxiety, an unresolved problem, or anything that is bothering you. Once you identify the problem you would like to focus on, compose a set up statement that acknowledges the problem you want to deal with and overcome. It can be as simple as, “Even though I panic when I think about _____ , I deeply and completely accept myself.”

While mentally focusing on this issue, use two fingertips to lightly tap 5-7 times on each of the 9 body peak points. Tapping and concentrating on these points will access your body’s energy and restore it to a balanced state.

The energy peak points should be tapped in this order:

1.  The top of the head (it is recommended that all four
fingers on both hands are used)

2.  The eyebrow (use two fingers on the inner edges of the eyebrows)

3.  Side of the eyes (on the bone bordering the outside corner of your eye)

4.  Under the eyes (the hard area under the eye; use two
fingers and tap about an inch below your pupil)

5.  Under your nose (tap on the small area between the
bottom of your nose and top of your upper lip)

6.  Chin (tap midway between the point of your chin and
the bottom of your lower lip)

7.  Collar Bone (tap just below the hard ridge of your
collarbone with four fingers on each hand)

8.  Underarm (tap about four inches beneath the armpit;
use four fingers)

9. Head (Right back to where you started)

While tapping, repeat simple reminder phrases, such as “my anxiety” or “my interview.” Keep tapping until your anxiety is gone, and once that happens, install some positive feelings into your body. You can say, for example, “I love the person that I am,” or
“I have faith in my ability to change.”

Try to repeat the tapping technique about ten times per day. Soon, all of your negative energy will be released and you will finally be the positive, healthy person you have always dreamt of being!