Stagecoach Productions Launchesin Millstone Township

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Bringing Theatrical Entertainment to the Community and Surrounding Areas

By, Pam Teel

Stagecoach Productions, a 501(c)(3) organization, announced its recent launch, with the purpose in mind to enrich, educate, and entertain the Millstone Township community and surrounding areas, by providing an affordable, quality theater experience. The organization will bring theatrical entertainment in various ways, including mainstage productions, trips, classes and workshops.

The organization was founded by Lisamarie Cappuzzo and Gina Augusta Whalen, who both have extensive theater background, and have been running thriving theater programs for the last 15 years through the Millstone Township School District and Community Education.

Cappuzzo has been a theater educator for more than 30 years and has directed more than 30 productions for Millstone Township Community Education and the Millstone Township Middle School’s Drama Club. In addition, she created the curriculum and teaches classes in acting, directing, musical theater, improvisation and playwriting, as part of the Millstone Township Middle School’s seventh and eighth grade elective program.

Ms. Whalen has been in the theater industry for more than 35 years, working in all aspects.

She has appeared in numerous productions regionally and throughout the U.S. as an actor, and has also toured internationally with the Broadway production of Evita. Behind the scenes, Whalen has directed, produced, choreographed, and designed costumes for many different productions, as well as in Millstone Township. She is the program director for Millstone Township’s Community Education program, as well as the facility manager for the Millstone Performing Arts Center (MPAC). Since 2012, Ms. Whalen has been a teaching artist for the

Millstone Township’s Community Education Theater Performance program.

Ms. Cappuzzo, Stagecoach Productions co-founder and president, stated, “Stagecoach Productions fills a void in the community and surrounding areas. The current programs, through the Millstone Township School District and Community Education, are limited to school aged children. Stagecoach Productions will offer a more inclusive arena for theatrical opportunities for all ages. Additionally, Stagecoach Productions will be a place for artists and theater patrons in the surrounding areas to have access to a theater close to home.”

Anticipated additional performances include a dinner theater/murder mystery in October and a holiday themed production in December.  

“As the program grows, Stagecoach Productions plans to offer more opportunities to the community,” Ms. Whalen stated. “The goal is to provide Millstone Township and the surrounding communities with an opportunity to experience theater, whether they’re onstage or backstage.”

For ticket information, sponsorship opportunities, or to find out how to get involved, follow us on Facebook: Stagecoach Productions, Instagram or visit our website We are currently looking for adult volunteers to help with marketing, fundraising, etc.

If you have an interest in the theater, please come and join us!