Six Healthy Eating Foods to Add to Your Diet

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By Brianna Siciliano

The temperature outside may be going down, but your produce choices are just beginning to rise. Lots of healthy and tasty foods, found in local farmers’ markets and supermarkets, are harvested during the fall, giving us the perfect excuse to get cooking on the upcoming autumn nights. Sweet potatoes, parsnips, pears, pumpkin, pomegranates, and apples are six of the best harvested   fall vegetables and fruits. In fact, healthy eating never tasted so good!

1. Sweet potatoes’ health benefits – Sweet potatoes are one of the tastiest and healthiest root vegetables that harvests during fall. Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of iron and vitamin A—which is important for good vision, a strong immune system, and healthy skin. This vegetable is practically sodium and fat-free, therefore you will not feel bad indulging on this sweet veggie.

2. Parsnips are root vegetables that are best harvested in late fall and early winter. This root vegetable is rich in potassium and adds one of the greatest amounts of dietary fiber to our diets. In a half-cup serving, the root vegetable has four grams of fiber.

3. Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, pears are the perfect fall treat for you. Pears are great sources of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. A medium-sized pear contains about 190 milligrams of potassium, which is a mineral necessary for a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles.

4. What would fall be without pumpkins? Considered a low-calorie food, pumpkins are rich in fiber, potassium, and B vitamins like folate, niacin, and thiamin. A normal serving of pumpkin provides about 246 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A. Maybe you will think twice about turning down that second plate of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.

5. The benefits of pomegranates. These fall favorites are slightly sour fruits that have received a lot of attention because of their high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they effectively stabilize and neutralize free radicals (broken down cells that cause damage to healthy cells) before these bad cells are able to cause harm to the human body. Once the harmful cells leave the human body, your cells can be stronger and your body is healthier.

6. Apples are one of the most popular healthy eating fruits on the market. This delicious fruit is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. The most important thing to remember about apples is to leave the skin on. The skin, and the layer directly below it, contains the most healthy fiber and nutrients that an apple provides.

These six must-try fall vegetables and fruits have amazing health benefits that we must take advantage of while they are in season.