School Answers – A Parent’s Secret Weapon

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By Susan Heckler

Many people have stand-out children. Some stand out as being gifted and talented while others stand out with struggles or disabilities. While the public school system does its best to teach and manage the education of their students, sometimes a little extra assistance is needed.

School Answers has recently opened up in Colts Neck. While there are many businesses out there to tutor students, this one seems to stand out as being significantly different. They work hand-in-hand with individual public and private schools to accentuate the existing curriculum. They are teaching the child exactly what the school requires them to know.

Their teachers are all multi-degree and multi-certified through the State of New Jersey’s Department of Education. They offer instructional services ranging from one on one customized instructional sessions, group instruction, homework help, reading and math specialists, and online instruction.

For those with stand-out children, they offer child study team services and student diagnostic testing as well as counseling and social skills training. If you suspect your child has special needs or talents, they can get you the answer faster than going within your school district. They offer such services as ability testing, IQ testing, performance testing, and grade placement testing. This will assess if your child needs remediation help to catch up to the level of their class or competitive help to advance beyond the classroom. On staff are psychologists, school certified social workers, and licensed clinical social workers available to work with students to address their varying needs for grief counseling, divorce, bullying and/or harassment, social skills training, or executive functioning training.

In addition to the academic tutoring, School Answers will teach organizations skills, time management, content learning, study skills, test taking strategies, project organization and completion and supplemental tutoring for that competitive academic edge. What student, no matter how bright, can’t benefit from this?

School Answers offers monthly memberships, similar to those offered at fitness centers where your child can come five days a week for two hours a day. The pricing is affordable and competitive with companies who think they are the competition.
 For more information about the services offered, contact Stacy Lynn Costa, MA, Ed.S. CEO at School Answers, 281 Route 34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722, 732-865-1900 or 855-KID-ANSWERS or visit their website at