Who Says Cardio Can't Be Fun?

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By Brianna Siciliano

Working out does not have to be a dreadful chore. After all, cardiovascular exercise is necessary for good health, and there are plenty of fun workout routines. If cardio was a fun activity, then we would find ourselves working out more often. To add enjoyment to workout routines, try setting up your own music playlist to listen to while working out. Hearing the sounds of heavy breathing and stomping feet makes it challenging to complete cardio workouts. On the other hand, listening to upbeat songs and adjusting your speed and interval training to the music’s tempo can distract your mind and body, therefore causing you to concentrate on the music and not the burn.

Finding Your Perfect Workout Routines

Aside from planning out what music to listen to, it is important to plan out what cardio exercises you will complete. All cardio workouts have the same objective: to bring up your heart rate and burn calories. There is no reason to be miserable while working out. If you do not enjoy running or riding the exercise bike, then avoid those exercises. Instead, find an activity you enjoy, whether it is dancing, Zumba workouts, playing basketball with friends, or kickboxing. Choose   cardio workouts that you will enjoy completing, and you won’t realize that you are exercising. It is important to keep variety in high intensity workouts so you cannot get bored.

Try making a cardio schedule for yourself. On Monday, ride a bike around your community for thirty-minutes. On Tuesday, jog around the closest park. On Wednesday, take a Zumba class with friends at a local gym. On Thursday, take a kickboxing class. When cardio workouts are exciting, it is hard to stop moving.

Another way to make cardio workouts fun is to reward yourself. Activities are more fun when you have something to work towards. Try gifting yourself a new outfit or pair of shoes once your workout is complete. With imagination and preparation, cardio workouts can be pleasurable and exciting.