Question: Why and when do we use compression stockings?

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Nobody knows the exact reason why one develops varicose veins. Some of the reasons include: changes in the wall of the vein, its content, and their values in the veins. In addition, the position of the superficial vein and the volume of blood within the vein all contribute to the formation of varicose veins.

The primary method of reversing varicose veins is to normalize the quantity of blood within the vein. Treatment of varicose veins currently performed include wearing compression stockings. Compression of the leg provides for upward movement of blood towards the heart instead of staying in the vein, and thus increasing the pressure in the vein.

External compression of the untreated varicose veins will narrow their diameter and decrease the “leak” back in the leg. It also normalizes blood flow in the skin and improves oxygenation of the skin.

Patients who wear compression stockings note relief of aching symptoms such as leg pain and throbbing. Pregnant woman have also reported decreased swelling and discomfort when wearing compression stockings. In addition, patients with lymphedema and post phlebitic syndrome who find relief as well when they wear 30-40mm or 40-50mm of hg compression.

suryaDr. Girija Surya is an MD Board Certified in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. At Vein Center for Women, our philosophy is to promote “Total Health” for our patients. We evaluate patients with their total health in perspective, including the management of other related conditions such as weight gain, smoking cessation, nutrition information, with a specific focus on the management of venous diseases.

To effectively treat Venous Diseases, we offer:
• VNUS closure procedure and micro-phlebectomy for larger Varicose Veins
• Sclerotherapy with Asclera and foam for spider vein treatment
• All procedures are done by a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon at our Vein Center
• Procedures are performed either under local anesthesia or with IV sedation
Vein Center patients should expect proven results with attention to detail combining outstanding patient care and compassion.

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