QUESTION: How do I choose the right physical therapist?

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The key to this question is to choose the physical therapist, not the physical therapy practice. You are developing an important relationship with a healthcare provider that you may be with for an extended period of time to recover from an injury or after surgery. People are quite often referred to physical therapy for a consultation after seeing their physician or surgeon.

What should you consider when choosing the right provider?

•  Credentials. You need to know the credentials of the person that will be performing an evaluation and subsequent treatment.

•  Experience. Do they have experience in your problem area? Do they have advanced skills
or certifications?

• Choosing your own therapist. In some cases patients are referred to a practice, but not a specific physical therapist. Here you risk getting anyone that is available. They may not have the experience level, advanced clinical skills, or ownership in the facility.

• Is the therapist the owner of the practice? Will they be the only person treating you throughout the course of your recovery? This is among the most important trait—since practice owners will go above and beyond in helping you recover. You have a choice when seeing a physical therapist. Get a recommendation from a friend or family member and always choose based on the credentials and experience of the specific physical therapist that will be treating you. You can sometimes learn about the physical therapists on the practice website. If not, then the practice may only want you to know their name and not the individual therapists.

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