QUESTION: Why should I ask my doctor about a Cardiac Perfusion Study?

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A cardiac PET scan is the newest version of a cardiac stress test. Also called a cardiac PET PERFUSION study, it allows your cardiologist to determine if your heart muscle is receiving adequate blood flow and if that blood flow is evenly distributed. The Cardiac PET scan is far superior to the present stress testing and will further eliminate any unnecessary procedures such as cardiac catheterization. Patients will benefit from the scan by dealing with speedier scan times—approximately 45 minutes as opposed to a 2-4 hour SPECT scan. More importantly, it cuts patient exposure in half because the Attrius scanner reduces patient exposure to radiation. PET scans also provide clearer, more precise 2D images better suited for detection of disease. We use applications exclusive to CHCI that provides extensive data and measurements that guarantee appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Tell us about the Attrius Scanner
This is the most advanced cardiac PET scanner available today. Speedier scan times, less exposure to radiation and improved images provide for better detection of the presence (or absence) of disease. We have a great deal of compassion for our patient’s well-being and like to do whatever it takes to make them comfortable. This includes playing their favorite music or offering them a cup of tea and a snack while they wait for their scan to be complete. This is the only system that uses CFR—cardiac flow reserve—to guarantee accurate calculation of presence of obstruction and how much cardiac blood flow is compromised. CHCI is the only facility in New Jersey offering this technology!

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