Pointing Fingers at the New Trends for Manicures

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By: Susan Heckler

There are certain things about people that will tell you a lot about them without them ever opening their mouths. Hand motions merit our attention as a real source of nonverbal communication. Observing someone’s hand gestures helps us understand his or her thoughts and feelings. Your hands are speaking volumes even when still. Consciously or unconsciously, your hands are being watched.

In many circumstances, the first time we touch someone physically is commonly with a handshake. What you may consider insignificant may leave a lasting negative impression.  Since your hands are being observed, are they well groomed?  Your attention to your personal grooming sends a message of someone who pays attention to detail and who takes pride in him or herself.

How you groom is also observed.  Are you a nail biter? The American Psychiatric Association categorizes nail biting as an impulse control disorder and a sign of underlying anxiety. Are your nails well groomed but unpolished?  What does that say about you? According to an article in Psychology Today, “Hands also indicate how much we care for ourselves and how we view social convention.  Hands may be tended to or they may be filthy; nails may be manicured or look ratty.”

What does your choice of polish color project about your personality? Long or short? Pastels or jewel colors?   What are the latest trends for those who care?  Nails are an easy way to be trendy without breaking the bank.

In the winter months, our hands see very little sun and tend to be pale and dry-skinned.  A nice manicure keeps the nails and cuticles well groomed and stops the hangnail, torn cuticle terrors we all find so annoying.

You may have noticed a new spin on the traditional white tips in the French manicure. Watch for animal print accents, colored tips, funky wrapped tips, polka-dot tips, and bejeweled tips.  This is a whimsical way to express yourself and show off your unique personality.   The runway models have been seen donning the biker chic leather look with skull and crossbones on them. The models have also been wearing colored metallic polish.

Another new look are textured nails with add-ons like jewels and glitter. Two-tone French manicures using darker colors are a big hit too. People still love the accent nail, having one nail on head hand or just one hand painted a different color or with nail art.

What will be new in 2014 you ask? Light and white are making a comeback.  Light colors and nudes on short, neat rounded or almond shaped nails are expected to replace the square shaped ones for Spring 2014. Transparent nail polishes with a slight gloss, pale pink, milk, and beige, pale brown and other natural colors are the trendiest options this season. Black nail polish is still in but it isn’t acceptable for work, nor is polka dots or animal prints.  Bright reds seem to never fade from the styles.  Metallic is fun and festive. Lighter, brighter colors will come out of hiding when the summer months approach.

So what will be your hands-on solution to your nails?  Whatever you choose, be sure to hit the nail on the head to fit your own lifestyle and personality.