How Parks Make Life Better

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One of the best compliments the Monmouth County Park System hears from visitors is how “lucky” they feel to live in Monmouth County because of the great parks. Since the mission of the Park System is to improve the quality of the life for residents of Monmouth County by providing exceptional park and recreation facilities and services, we are pleased to learn we are getting the job done. 

Having quality parks for residents to enjoy is just one benefit of protecting open space. Parks also conserve land and water resources; preserve forests, fields and other important habitats, supporting species that may someday cure disease; and can even buffer the impact of storms. Parks improve local property values and add to the local economy; protect historic landscapes and buildings, and improve the likelihood that people living nearby will be more physically active. Recreation programs, special events and fitness/sports facilities round out the advantages of having a park nearby.

These quality of life benefits help create a sense of well-being for Monmouth County’s residents, which is perhaps why they choose the word “lucky” to describe how they feel about the parks. That’s a very powerful outcome from preserving open space, and a very good indicator as to why parks matter.

In 2013, 1,222 volunteers contributed 25,392 hours of service to the Park System. In addition to working on projects that keep the park trails, gardens and landscapes beautiful, they helped staff many of our special events and activities. The Grand Opening of the Fort Monmmouth Recreation Center, open houses at Sunnyside Equestrian Center and other sites, and all the classic park events were made possible with the assistance of our volunteers.

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