New Hair Hues for Fall

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By Brianna Siciliano

Fall is known as the season of change. When we think about the word ‘fall,’ we think about leaves transforming into beautiful new colors. Well, if leaves can change and become exciting, why can’t we add some excitement to our lives? Why not make a change to our hair?

In recent months, ombré hair colors have grabbed the world’s attention. Ombré hair gives us the power to style our hair in different shades rather than just one, therefore adding excitement to our daily lives. Another extremely popular color this season is brown-blonde, which is also called “bronde” because it’s a mix between brunette and blonde.

Popular hair color trends for brunettes this season are chestnut brown and choco caramel (chocolate brown and caramel).

Chestnut brown is an exemplary combination of cool and warm brown tones, which can range from darker to lighter shades. We can add extra dimensions to our chestnut brown hair by adding toasted walnut highlights between the mids and ends of the hair.

To perfect choco caramel, we will need to turn to either ombré or baylayage techniques. By pairing rich chocolate brown with caramel or butterscotch highlights, hair will result in creamy-gold tones that add both shine and dimension.

If you prefer your hair to be lighter, on the other hand, try out a golden apricot or a platinum blonde look. To create a flawless golden apricot look, pair dark shades of amber with lighter shades of blonde. Your hair will be one of the most coveted looks of the season.

Do you prefer lighter hues? Try out the platinum-blonde hair color. Platinum is very elegant and attractive on women with short hair and pale skin. What is holding you back from trying out a new hair hue?