Moms Just Wanna Have Fun with their Daughters

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By Stefanie Maglio


There is nothing like building a strong relationship between a mother

and her daughter. Not only is a mom a parent to her daughter, but a mother

is someone the daughter should be able to go to in a time of need, trust no

matter what, feel safe with, and be able to have fun with. Communication

is key when it comes to strengthening any relationship, especially between

a mom and her daughter. The best way to get the communication going is

through having fun with one another. Here are some fun activities for moms

and daughters to do together:

Go out for a spontaneous ice cream trip, don’t worry about the calories

and indulge yourselves.

Take a cooking class together. This is a great idea especially with the

holidays coming up. Moms and daughters can work together to create a

fantastic feast!

Have a spa day together! It’s a perfect time to distress from a long week.

Take an art class together and explore your more creative sides.

Volunteer somewhere in your community such as a local soup kitchen.

Bonding together while helping out your community would be a great


Get active! Take a trip to the gym, or go for a walk or hike in the park

together. Getting some fresh air while doing something active is great for

the mind and body.

Have a night out at the movies together. Maybe even bring grandma

along! Whether it’s a romantic comedy, or horror film, you’re bound to have

a great time together!